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Minggu, 25 September 2011

Suicide Bombings in Solo - Indonesia

JAKARTA - The Central Board of Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsuddin condemned the suicide bombings in Indonesia Whole Bethel Church (GBIS) Solo, Central Java.

"Such actions can not be justified and is only done by people who are not godless and inhumane," said Din to Legal, Sunday (25/09/2011) night.

Din appealed to religious people can not restrain myself and not fall for provocations efforts related to the events that led to dozens of church members was injured. "Do not be lured by those who want to fish in troubled waters and wanted to provoke inter-religious people," he continued.

In addition, Din also asked the police to work quickly to investigate to uncover the intellectual actor behind suicide bombings. "Immediately investigate and found the culprit," he concluded.

Earlier, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the suicide bombers in Solo Cirebon associated with the terrorist network that had done the same thing.

"I have instructed that further investigation carried out intensively to find out the circuit and dismantle the network of terrorists in Cirebon and Solo including funds expended, including the leader of a terrorist act or drive it," said SBY.

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